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Nr 22. Præmie-Mail om Staats Lotterij Nederland (in English)

Nederlandse StaatsloterijPostbus 3334
5902 RH Venlo, Nederlandse.
TEL: +31-619-823-414.
TEL: +31-204-000-498.
FAX: +31-847-299-403.
FAX: +31-847-407-453.
                                               WINNING INFORMATION/OUR SERVICES

Attention: Kurt Strøm Nielsen,

Congratulations from our members of staff. This is the Claims Department of Staats Loterij Nederland responsible for the processing of winning prizes in the e-mail  lottery program. Your e-mail address attached to a single ticket was found as one of the lucky fif
ty e-mail addresses that emerged to have won ¬‱,000,000.00 (One million Euro only) in Certified Bank Draft, each. The information was passed to us by the Lottery Coordinator
ty e-mail addresses that emerged to have won €1,000,000.00 (One million Euro only) in Certified Bank Draft, each. The information was passed to us by the Lottery Coordinator – Sweepstakes International office, to ensure that  we are in contact with the rig瑨畦
htful owners of the winning e-mails and web-site addresses. We write to explain and clarify the mode and chronologue of the services we render to our clients of lottery claim related issues.

Your email address attached to our Lottery payment order, had the following
details in our DATA BASE: (i) Ticket Nr.: HL 024069; (ii) Lucky Nrs.: 11, 18, 25, 43, 56, 77, 89;
(iii)Reference Nr.: MST/18436/DZS-NED;(iv) Batch Nr.:KNED-LOTT 5196 72X5G.

You are to click on this weblink to access your Lottery Winning Ticket Nr.: HL 024069: Put in your Ticket Nr.: HL 024069 in the Column seen in the weblink and choose the date 10th January 2008.

Firstly, our  ultimate concern is that our clients get their winning prizes as quickly as it is possible. You are therefore required to print out the attached “Claim Verification Form” and fill in the required details and return back to this office by fax or as e-mail attachment  with a copy  of your valid proof of identification (which should be, either  a National Identity Card or  your International Passport) for  verification.  After  been confirmed as the bonafide winner, a “Release Order” will be issued and you will be invited to sign this document after which a “BeneficiaryAward Certificate” will be presented to you. You will also be required to complete a “Payment Scheme Form B6”, where  you will have to indicate your  preferred mode of  payment. Your winning prize being deposited at the Treasury department  of  our  Paying bank, will therefore be eventually paid/remitted  in your preferred mode of payment, within 3 working days.
Due to mix-up of certain numbers and names, you are requested to keep your winning information confidential until your claim has been processed and winning prize paid/remitted to your nominated account. This is part of our security protocols to avoid abuse of the program by some participants.
Due to the volume of your winning prize, it is covered by HIGH INSURANCE POLICY BOND, in accordance with Article 342 of the World Gaming Board as amended in the 1996 Constitution. This is to protect the prime winner and mis-appropriation of  funds.
Be assured that, in line with our principles of efficiency, transparency and customers` satisfaction, we handle all verification exercises with the highest level of professionalism and discretion to ensure that our  clients receive their prizes  within the shortest time, possible.
For more information, please contact  the under-signed directly on +31-619-823-414.  We are open between 0700hrs -1700hrsGMT from Mondays through Fridays and on Saturdays from  0700hrs -1200hrs GMT.
Once again, Congratulations.
Best Regards, Mr. Rene Huson. Foreign Transfer Manager - Staats Loterij Nederland.

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