mandag den 6. juni 2011

Øglernes Frise The Nervous Saurian 1992

The Nervous Saurian (1989-92) is a 3-part composition in one movement, for clarinet, cello and piano. The title as well as the music refers to Øglernes Frise (The Frieze of the Reptiles), a (science fiction) novel by Danish author Bo Green Jensen, beautifully illustrated by Knud Steffen Nielsen. It is the story of a (dream-) journey back to the land of the Lizards, to the Archean, the accession, the afternoon, the death and the inheritance of the reptiles. Here however, in the climax of the reptiles the conception of time changes: thousands of years pass like seconds. Even the most violent pain connected with birth and death, the rush of fear and joy, the swiftness of reflective actions and the most dramatic changes are caught and disappear in a slow blurred time - although the experience is paradoxically near. And the main character of the story, the eccentric Dr, Green, states: 'There will be a time when the desires of Man can be fulfilled only in the land of Lizards".

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